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iOS Version History

v0.29.1 Changes


  • Fix nullability warnings.

v0.29.0 Changes


  • Added support for Cross-Platform ID (CPID) & Last attributed touch data (LATD).
  • Fixed a race condition on slow startup.
  • Fixed a rare Keychain deadlock.



  • Remove deprecated UIWebView and replace with WebKit.
  • Add Standard Event customer alias field.
  • Cocoapods adds iAd by default.
  • Remove deprecated Fabric integration.
  • Remove Apple Search Ads debug which is redundant with Apple's existing debug.
  • Collect install receipt.
  • Fix bug with proxying network calls.
  • Fix bug with network retry.



  • Fix a potential crash due to invalid key type



  • Allow short link creation while privacy is enabled.
  • Fix Swift example and cleanup release scripts.



  • New standard events for improved Facebook and Tune.
  • Improve handling of non-branch links while app is in foreground.
  • CircleCI support.
  • Carthage prebuilt binary is now built with Xcode 10 and is no longer compatible with old Xcodes.



  • Improved referral documentation.
  • Disabled certificate pinning by default.