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Fabric Answers


Integration with Fabric's Answers is totally automatic as long as you've integrated both Branch and Answers. Branch will automatically send the following three events to Answers:

  • Branch Install: This event is sent when a user installs your app after clicking a Branch link.
  • Branch Open: This event is sent when a user clicks a Branch link but already has your app installed.
  • Branch Share: This event is sent when the has shared a link on a channel using the Branch share sheet.

With every single event that's recorded, the following custom Branch link analytics labels are sent as Answers event attributes if present:

  • channel
  • campaign
  • feature
  • stage
  • tags
  • referring_link

Enable Answers

If you're looking to get started on this, it's very simple. Just follow the simple step by step instructions:

  1. Integrate the Branch SDKs and start using links! Make sure you're using iOS 0.12.3+ or Android 1.13.2+.
  2. Head to your Fabric dashboard
  3. Find the Answers kit on the left hand nav bar
  4. Click it and accept terms of service for Answers.
  5. Start getting critical Branch growth insights in your Answers dash