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Data Feeds is Branch’s premium suite of tools for exporting data. If you want to export your Branch data programmatically or send your data to other analytics services, Data Feeds can help. It includes the following tools:

  • Data Integrations: pre-built integrations with other analytics services and marketing tools. Just input your credentials and Branch will automatically send your data to any of our integrated partners.
  • Webhooks: fully customizable templated webhooks that send Branch data to the endpoint of your choice in near-real time.
  • Data Export API: an API that will allow you to pull CSV files containing all of your Branch data from the past week.
  • Query API: an API for querying for any of the pre-aggregated Branch event data that you can see on the dashboard.

All exports via Data Feeds are powered by Branch's People-Based Attribution. For an exhaustive list of events included in these exports and more detailed definitions of each event, please see the Event Ontology Data Schema.

Data Feeds is a premium solution

Data Feeds is a premium product, and can be purchased according to Branch’s pricing schedule. Without Data Feeds, you can still export Branch data in CSV form directly from the Branch dashboard via Sources or CSV Exports.