Configuring Twitter install ads to use Branch links is very simple. The only trick is that you will be using the website click/conversion ads instead of the standard app install ad. Using Branch links allows you to track ad-driven installs on the Branch dashboard and deep link those new users directly to content the first time they open your app.


  1. Visit the Marketing page on the Branch dashboard and click + Add link.
  2. Create a link, and fill in values for campaign and channel. Make sure to add deep link data.

Configure ad campaign on Twitter


Select campaign type

Go to Twitter and set up a new ad campaign. When selecting the campaign type that you want, select Website Clicks or Conversions.

Set the device targeting

Set the device targeting as desired.

On the ad creation card, enter the Branch Quick Link you created in the Website URL field.


View your data using the Branch dashboard

The Marketing page on the Branch dashboard shows the performance of each individual link. You can find your link listed in the table with a quick summary of the total clicks and installs.


To view more details stats, click the small button that looks like a bar chart on the far right. Note that these stats are limited to the date range at the top. You can expand the range if you'd like.