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Google Display Network Ads


If you're running Google AdWords Display Network ads, you'll find everything you need right here.

This documentation supports the following Google Campaign types:

Google Campaign Campaign Type/Objective Branch Ad Format
Display Network Build Awareness: See your ad Cross-platform Display
Display Network Influence Consideration: Engage with your content Cross-platform Display
Display Network Influence Consideration: Visit your website Cross-platform Display
Display Network Drive Action: Buy on your website Cross-platform Display
Display Network Drive Action: Take an action on your website Cross-platform Display

OS Support and Major Differences

Operating System Supported by AdWords Display Network Ads? Key Differences Documentation
Web Yes Uses tracking template, must redirect to to Final Website link
iOS Yes Uses tracking template, must redirect to iOS app store link
Android Yes Uses tracking template, must redirect to Google Play store link

Looking for other Google Ad campaign types? Please check out our Google Ads Overview guide.



  • To track installs from Google Ads you should integrate the Branch SDK into your app.
  • If you want to deep link from your ads directly to content, you should configure deep link routing.
  • Ads is a premium product priced on Monthly Active Users. Sign up for the Ads product to enable this functionality.
  1. Create a Branch Ad link from the Partner Management page's Create Google Adwords Link button under the Google Adwords Partner and select Create Display Link Link Creation
  2. Under the Define Section, pick a Link Name for later reference
  3. Configure the link with the Ad Format set to Display and the Ad Partner set to Google Adwords. Create Ad Link
  4. Under the Configure Options tab, navigate to the Redirects sub section and ensure that the Web redirect is set to the desired final website promoted by the ad campaign. Create Ad Link
  5. Under the Analytics Tags sub section additional tags can be set. It is recommended to fill in these fields as they can be used as filters in Branch's Ads Analytics view. To best connect your ad link with your Adwords Campaign, set the channel field to Google Adwords and set the campaign field to the same ad campaign name used in Adwords. Analytics Tags

Optional: Deep Link Data

You can use this configuration section to specify custom link parameters that will be deep linked into the app after install. These could include a coupon code or a page identifier to route the user. Visit the Deep Link Routing page to learn more.

Setting Attribution Windows

You can specify the attribution windows for your links either at an overall account or per link level. Use these windows to accurately measure attribution data for your Branch links. Refer to Changing attribution windows for instructions.

Configure an Ad

To set up a Display Network Campaign, you will need to first create your campaign and then setup a tracking template on the ad. Additional Adwords information on Display Network campaigns can be found here.

Create Your Campaign

  1. Select Display Network only on Adwords Adwords Network
  2. Select the desired type of Display Campaign Adwords Setup
  3. Continue setting the campaign and ad group parameters

Ad Creation

  1. Enter your desired Final Website into the Final URL field. This should be the same website that your Branch link routes to.
  2. Copy your Branch Ad Link from the last section and ensure the copied link has the appropriate additional params (~campaign_id, ~ad_set_id, lpurl, etc.) which should be automatically generated on your Branch dashboard.
  3. Expand the Advanced URL options and paste your Branch Ad link into the Tracking URL template field.

Example Link

Example Adwords Config

Because the Final URL for your app install campaigns must match your app store domain, you cannot put a Branch link in that box. However, capturing installs and deep linking users through content is still possible due to the Tracking template configuration.

View Your Data

The Ads Analytics Page on the Branch dashboard provides an interactive time series graph and table to view the performance of your Ad campaigns.

Example Ads Analytics Graph

The table shows summary data on the performance of each Ad campaign. On the right top side of the table you can find a download button to retrieve the chart's content as a CSV file.

Example Ads Table

Interacting with your data

Breakdown and compare aspects of your Ad campaigns' performance by using the Compare by + button to add a parameter to split the data displayed data by.

Then use the and + button to refine the data displayed to gain deeper insight into the performance of your Ad campaigns.


FAQ / Debugging

Google Adwords Valuetrack Parameters

Branch utilizes Google's Valuetrack parameters to collect more detailed information on the source of an ad click. Furthermore, we dynamically map Adword's campaign id and network parameters to a Branch link's campaign analytics Campaign and Channel tags respectively. Leave these tags blank to have them dynamically mapped.

See below for a table of Valuetrack parameters collected by default through Branch's Ad links and refer to the table in Google's Valuetrack docs for more parameters to append.

Default Valuetrack Parameters on Branch Ad links What it returns
{campaignid} The ad's campaign ID
{adgroupid} The ad's ad group ID
{keyword} For the Search Network: the keyword from your account that matches the search query, unless you are using a Dynamic Search ad, which returns a blank value. For the Display Network: the keyword from your account that matches the content.
{placement} The content site where your ad was clicked (for keyword-targeted campaigns), or the matching placement targeting criteria for the site where your ad was clicked (for placement-targeted campaigns)
{network} Where the click came from: "g" for Google search, "s" for a search partner, or "d" for the Display Network
{lpurl} The final URL of the ad link clicked

Q: Why is my advertisement being disapproved on Adwords?

A: For Cross Platform campaigns, sometimes your ad may be disapproved if the Branch link does not re-direct to your Final destination URL specified in the ad. Please ensure that your Branch link redirects to your Final URL specified in your ad. To ensure install tracking is functional please ensure that for the Branch link you're using to track installs, Deepviews are disabled and your Branch link's iOS/Android redirects are set to their respective App / Play Store.