Google Adwords Overview


With Branch, you can put deep links in every type of Google AdWords campaign, improving conversion rates and letting you measure the impact of your campaigns on mobile.

The Google AdWords interface can be confusing so we've created a guide to help you find the right documentation. The new AdWords interface (released in beta in May 2017) still follows roughly the same campaign creation flow. We'll update this page as needed if the campaign creation flow is updated, or new ad types are supported.

This documentation supports the following Google Campaign types:

Google Campaign Campaign Type/Objective Branch Documentation Link Branch Ad Format
Search Network Mobile app engagement link App Only: Engagement
Search Network Standard link Cross-platform Search
Search Network Dynamic Search Ads link Cross-platform Search
Display Network Engage with your mobile app link App Only: Engagement
Display Network Others (Visit your website, Influence, etc.) link Cross-platform Display
Video Mobile App Installs link App Only: Install
Video Standard link Cross-platform Display
Universal App Campaigns Universal App Campaigns link App Only: Install

For setup instructions for Adwords Conversion tracking with Branch check out Google Conversion Setup.