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Track your Doubleclick campaigns using Branch's Universal Ads product. Branch's Ad Product will enable you to update your Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM) campaigns with deep links that send data back to Doubleclick's servers.

You can now run campaigns on a variety of in-app and mobile web publishing sites, and provide your users with the smoothest experience with Branch's deep links. Read on to learn how to set everything up.


Doubleclick Campaign Manager Set Up

Before we start anything on the Branch side, we need to configure options on the DCM side. Start by heading to your DCM dashboard, and navigating to the advertisers section.

Grab Advertiser ID

First, we'll need to grab the advertiser ID. Select the advertiser you want to track with, and grab the Advertiser ID. In this example, it is 6637276. This is the advertiser you will track campaigns with. Please keep note of it.


Grab Server to Server Token

Once you've captured the advertiser ID and selected the advertiser, navigate to Floodlight Configuration. From there, go to "server to server", and make sure "in-app attribution tracking" is check-marked. Click new token, call it “Branch token”, and save it. Copy this value, as well.


Now that you have Advertiser ID and Server to Server Token, the last step is to find the events you need to track.

Grab Tags for Events

Go to the Floodlight activities tab. For all the events you want to track, grab the Activity tag String and Group tag String.


In the above screenshot, the two values for Activity tag String are act-ios and act-android. The one value for Group tag String is sales. Do this for all activities you want to track.

Once you're done with this exercise, you should have at least 4 unique values:

  • Server to Server token
  • Advertiser ID
  • Activity tag String (per event)
  • Group tag String (per event)

Branch Dashboard Setup

Let's take these values and place them in Branch's dashboard. Begin by navigating to the partners page.


Find DoubleClick in the search box. Hit enable. In the Account Settings tab, insert your Server to Server token.

Map Events

At this point, you have enabled Branch to communicate with Doubleclick. Now we need to map Branch events to Floodlight Activities found on the Doubleclick dashboard. Click the Postback Config tab. You should see a URL for the event Install. For demonstration purposes, we will assume you have a corresponding Install event on the Doubleclick dashboard, but this applies to any event you add.

Start by grabbing your Advertiser ID, Activity tag String, and Group tag String.

In the screenshot above, we have two events, "In App Activations - Android", and "In App Activations - iOS", which correspond to the Branch Install event. For this example, the Activity tag Strings are act-and and act-ios. The Group tag String is sales.

Copy the existing URL in Install, and replace the src, cat, and type variables. Your end result should look exactly like this:;cat=<#if user_data.os=="IOS">act-ios</#if><#if user_data.os=="ANDROID">act-and</#if>;type=sales;ord=${ (id)! }

If you don't have two different tags for iOS and Android, then it will look simpler:;cat=act-tag;type=sales;ord=${ (id)! }


Simply update and hit save.

Send all events

At the top of the Postback Config tab, under Send Postbacks For, select All Events on the toggle and click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Run campaigns

At this point, you can now create a link for the Doubleclick network and send data back. Take your Branch link, and place it as the Click Through URL for your placement.